Dirigo Cannabis Manufacturing

Maine's Trusted Source

Extraction Services

Dirigo Cannabis Manufacturing offers a variety of extraction services using food grade, or organic alcohol based solvents in our licensed C1D2 facility located in Lewiston, ME. Working closely with farmers and caregivers we are able to produce the finest third party lab tested extracts including a variety of cannabinoids in RSO, distillate, and isolated forms. We pride ourselves on our quality, capacity , cleanliness, compliance and turn around time for jobs of all sizes.

Maine Compliant Medical Caregiver
C1D2 Laboratory
Licensed Commercial Kitchen
MOFGA Certified Facility
3rd Party Tested
Pharmaceutical Grade Equipment

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Gummy Manufacturing

Our extracts and edible products are custom formulated in house and 3rd party lab tested. Our facility has a licensed commercial kitchen with a large gummy production capacity for our brand, as well as for white label & private label orders. Clients have the option of using their own extract or our in house extracts to formulate the perfect gummy product for your brand. Using a variety of ingredients and formulas, our gummies are always infused and never sprayed!

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Belgian Chocolates

Dirigo Cannabis Manufacturing only uses imported Belgian Couverture chocolate and our in-house 3rd party lab tested extracts to create a smooth, well tempered and evenly dosed chocolate product. Our chocolates are available in a variety of potencies, flavors and cannabinoids.

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High Dose Medicine

Cannabis Oil Syringes (Darts) are the perfect product for patients requiring a high dose, especially when looking for an affordable and contaminant free medical marijuana product. Our Darts are available in Full Spectrum RSO and Distillate under our retail brand, or for bulk orders. We provide high dose medical products that are traceable, cost effective, and capable of delivering desired relief without the addition of sugar and allergens.  We believe that high dose medical products should be affordable, traceable, clean, and steadily available for medical clients looking to avoid sugars, allergens, and products that require inhalation. Darts are an affordable way for clients to not only ingest cannabis in high doses, but also to make custom infused items at home. 

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