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Dirigo Cannabis gummies are available in 100mg THC, 300mg THC, and 1:1 200mg THC:CBD packages. Dirigo Cannabis gummies are approximately 3ml in size and are accurately dosed with our labs finest 3rd party lab tested extracts.


Custom gummy formulations are offered in bulk bags for convenience and affordability. We can formulate our gummies in a variety of flavors and cannabinoids using our in house extracts, or your extracts in any form (Distillate, RSO, Rosin, BHO etc).

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Bulk and branded cartridges are made using our finest in-house 3rd party lab tested extracts. Our retail line of vape cartridges are packaged using Sana Packaging's sustainable ocean recycled, child safe, plastic tubes.

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Dirigo Cannabis Manufacturing offers a variety of extraction services using food grade, or organic alcohol in our licensed C1D2 facility. Working closely with farmers and caregivers we are able to produce the finest third party lab tested extracts including a variety of cannabinoids in RSO, distillate, and isolated forms.

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We have a large-scale dart filling and packaging line that allows us to offer bulk RSO, Distillate, or full spectrum blended darts at an affordable price. We are a compliant medical facility and hold our extracts to the highest standards and always test our material with 3rd party labs.

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Dirigo Cannabis uses only imported Belgian Couverture chocolate and our in-house 3rd party lab tested extracts to create a smooth, well tempered and evenly dosed chocolate product. Our chocolates are available in a variety of potencies, flavors and cannabinoids.


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